Wednesday, 12 September 2012

To calculate the sum. Sum=1-x2/2!+ x4/4!- x6/6!+ x8/8!- x10/10!

Algorithm: main program:
Step 1: start
Step 2: declare x,i,n,s=0,c
Step 3: read x value
Step 4: for i=0 , n=0; i<=10; i=i+2, n++ goto step 5
Step 5: s=s+(pow(-1,n)*pow(x,i)/fact(i))
Step 6: print s value
Step 7: stop
 Sub program:
Step 1: while x!=0 goto Step 2
Step 2: y=y+x; x—
Step 3: return y
Step 4: return to main program
long fact(int);
void main()
            int x,i,n;
              float s=0,c;
             printf("\n enter the value of x\t");
/*perform the looping operation*/
             printf("\n the result is %f",s);
/* calling sub program*/
long fact(int x)
            long int y=1;
             return y;
1.Enter the value of x : 1
    The result is 0.540302
2 Enter the value of x: 2
   The result is -0.416155

Conclusion: The program is error free  

1)      What is function ?
Ans: A function is a sub program  it returns a value.

2)      What is procedure ?
Ans: A procedure is a sub program it does not returns a value  
3)      What are the basic data types in C ?
Ans: int, char, float, double
4)      How to define preprocessor ?
Ans: By using the # symbal Ex: #include<stdio.h

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